Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Top 7 Benefits Of Good Quality Antique Furniture

Antique Stores Melbourne
Antique Stores Melbourne

Antique Furniture has its own charm and is preferred by residents of Melbourne. However choosing the right kind of furniture for a property can be a very tough decision. There are many advantages of choosing antique furniture over other forms of furniture:
  • There Is A Story To Tell
    Antique Furniture has been around for quite a while and every kind of antique furniture has a story to tell. Furnishing the premises with beautiful antique furniture brings a little history to business image and may spark a topic of conversation between the customers.
  • It Is Environmental Friendly
    Investment in antique furniture is a good way to reduce the need for manufacturing companies to use new material in making items from scratch. With antique furniture we are just combating the continuing struggle with environmental pollution.
  • Good Quality Products
    Antique furniture is well made and once upon a time was lovingly crafted by someone with their own hands and given a perfect finish. It still stands decades later and one can be assured of its durability.
  • Style Statement
    Antique furniture is classic and it never goes out of fashion. Investment in antique furniture is not only an investment in stunning, stylish design but one can also save the cost of refurnishing the premises every few years in order to fall with the current trends.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    Buying antique pieces can be quite cost effective, while everyone is spending money on mass production companies, one can take advantage of the situation by buying antiques at less price than what is expected.
  • Is Highly Valuable
    If a different look is decided then one may even consider a small return on initial investment. The value of antique furniture keeps on increasing as compared to normal furniture.
  • Products Are Unique
    Antique products are truly unique and no two items can be exactly the same. It is not mass produced so one can be sure that the pieces which are produced are unique everytime.

Good quality antique furniture can be bought from a reliable Antique Stores in Melbourne. Snook And Company Antique Dealers are amongst the premier antique dealers in Australia. We are one of the most visited antique shops. Customers like to visit our shop in order to find that unique antique piece. We like collecting clocks, barometers in addition to antique furniture. Our Antique Stores have all kinds of 18th and 19th century furniture to suit every room in a home.

Our company is also a well equipped horological workshop and we specialize in clock, music box and barometer repair. We are proud member of the Australian Antique Dealers Association, the international body of CINOA and abide by their code of practice. All our goods are guaranteed and we offer full customer satisfaction.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Timeless Art: Major French Furniture Styles Through The Years!

French Furniture Melbourne
French Furniture Melbourne

French Furniture is truly unique and a reflection of the rich culture of France. French Furniture is popular all over the world including in the city of Melbourne. Along with French Furniture the Furniture Restoration services are equally popular in the Melbourne area. Furniture Restoration is extremely useful for bringing to life classical or antique furniture pieces. Popular French European Furniture styles are listed here:
Louis XV Style
This type of furniture style was seen from 1723 to 1774 during the reign of Louis XV which was the apex of French cultural influence over Europe. The furniture is Baroque style with no straight lines. The furniture is typically in a complicated form with fantasy depictions and marquetry.

Louis XVI Style
Under the reign of Louis XVI the furniture style showed simplicity and straight lines, from 1774 to 1793.

Directoire Style
During 1795 to 1799 the Directoire was a period of liberty and fantasy after the devastating Revolutionary terror. It was return to the Roman and Greek style of furniture with a lot of painted wood.

Empire Style
The Empire period from 1804 to 1815 comprised of military glory and new money. The style is pompous with columns, bronze and guilded decorations.

Restoration Style
During 1815 to 1830 the French Furniture style returned to luxury and opulence with a distinct shift to round, delicate and fine decorations with lighter woods.

Louis Philippe Style
During 1830 to 1850 Restoration style was maintained but with less ornamentation. Predominant woods were walnut and mahogany. Marble tops were used. The cuts were generally soft.

Napoleon III Style 
From 1850 to 1880 the style was eclectic with whimsical shapes, painted wood and pearl use. Dark woods, iron, paper mache and ivory were used.

Art Nouveau Style
1880 to 1920 style was influenced by Industrial Revolution with highly stylized, flowing curves, asymmetrical shapes, plant motifs being very popular.

Art Deco Style
1920 to 1940 styles were a simplification of Art Nouveau with forms as sophisticated and geometric patterns. Wood was exotic with French polish and metal use. 

For additional information on French Furniture or Furniture Restoration in Melbourne area visit company Snook & Company Antique Dealers.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

When do you actually need expert help for furniture restoration?

Furniture Restoration
Furniture Restoration

Home is the place where your feet feel the peace and if it is fully furnished than the whole atmosphere is different from what we normally felt. Furniture is an item that is quite expensive and it is considered as the one-time investment. 

Many people rather than millionaires, would not go for the new furniture unless it is necessary, such as shifting to a new house or if the existing furniture gets damaged and it is beyond repair. So, eventually what happens is they continue with their old furniture which is 10 years old but looks like 100 years old. During such situations, you actually need a furniture restoration

People walking with technological updates often consider furniture restoration as something which they can do on their own by referring DIY videos. Still, this is not as simple as that. In fact, furniture restoration needs specialised skill and equipments to make sure that each and every part of the furniture is restored without causing any additional damage.  So, it is much harmless to trust this work to a specialized furniture restoration company in Melbourne, who can able to complete their task with perfection. 

Do you actually need a furniture restoration in Melbourne? Yes, then Snook & Company are here to help you out. Whether you want to restore clock cases, wooden, ormola or spelter we can repair it, restore or conserve with perfection. We also operate one of the most engaging antique furniture repair and restoration workshops specialising in French polishing, veneering and general repair. 

So, for quality furniture restoration in Melbourne and for the best clock or barometer repair service, contact Snook & Company antique dealers. For that, you have to dial on 0412 363 176. 
Let your home shine with our newly restored furniture!

Friday, 23 June 2017

What Is The Significance Of Choosing Expert Furniture Restoration?

Furniture Restoration

If you are in love with your antique pieces, then you would do anything just to make such items still gleam with exquisiteness if those pieces are very old and very rich in history. If you own such type of antique furniture and want to ensure that the sentimental value of the furniture would still remain the same despite the ages and generations, then you should choose expert Furniture Restoration. It will enable you to bring your antiques back to life. Whether it is a wooden rocking chair or a couch that needs to be reupholstered you can get help with that.
You might need a chemical rub down on that old metal bed frame. It can go from dull to fabulous as little as day from the Furniture Restoration professionals. They are equipped with restoration chemicals that you can't get anyplace else. And combined with their aptitudes, they truly can enable you to get what you want.
If you have an old fragmented wood table that needs a good coat, then you can depend on the Furniture Restoration expert to sand it down and re-stain it before they shellac it to make it look shiny and new again. They can even restore pieces and replace pieces to finish the piece. If you have three legs on the table, then you don't have to stress. They can decide the type of wood it is made from and copy alternate legs so you will have four and not have the capacity to differentiate between any of them. Your furniture will look simply as it did when it was made.
If you have a couch that is altogether torn up and smelly you can have it taken apart and secured with a texture of your choice. No smelly, flattened couch cushions. These Furniture Restoration experts will utilize the premium quality materials to get you back on track with the design of your house. Sometimes you can eve ship the furniture back and forth. They can deal with all delivery for you so you don't need to manage it.
Thus, why do you have a need to discard or simply keep your destroyed furniture in the storeroom when we at Snook & Company Antique Dealers are there to help you with our efficient and reliable furniture restoration in Melbourne. Check our offered service today and get assistance that helps your furniture come back to life!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What Are the Benefits of Choosing French Furniture Melbourne For Your Home?

french furniture melbourne

Furniture is those assets that distinguish your status and class. A home that is embellished or set with a collection of wonderful and antique furniture seems glorious. Antique furniture has that elegant appeal that no other decorative materials ever have. If you need to have some fine furniture at your valuable home, then you should choose French Furniture Melbourne. If you want to give a radical new appearance to your home but need to avoid the contemporary designs which are not only common, but are effectively imitated, decoration and ornamentation, then French furniture would be the best decision for you. 

Though choosing French Furniture Melbourne would be somewhat costly for you, however if you would prefer not to bargain on quality and like to add a touch of elegance to the stylistic theme befitting just the royals, then you can’t in any way go wrong in French styles. This furniture is developed from using high quality woods like teak and mahogany, and styled and designed by a portion of the best designers; French furniture is a status symbol that scarcely anybody can overlook. 

If you are keen on history and have an aesthetic curve of mind, then choosing antique French Furniture Melbourne would be the ideal choice for your home. Designing your home with French style can for all intents and purposes transport you to an entirely extraordinary time. They are both appropriate for the rich and the elite and for the individuals who are interested in a luxurious style. There are several premium French originators in the world today who have expertise and specialize in crafting and designing both classic and contemporary French furniture in Melbourne. The cost of purchasing such furniture can begin from up to few thousand dollars, and if you need something customized, then the cost can go up some higher. There are several manufactures and dealers of this furniture who ensure that you will get precisely what you want. 

Beyond any doubt such furniture is in fact difficult to maintain. So if you believe that you can care for it simply like you take care of your regular wooden furniture, then an expression of caution. French Furniture ought to be frequently cleaned or varnished with the goal that they can look great to the most extreme effect. Moreover, you ought to have maximum amount of space so that the furniture can be shown to the most extreme effect. These unique furniture pieces are extremely comfortable and additionally amazingly durable in nature. Thus, choose this antique furniture and give your home the most stylish, elegant and attractive appearance to your home!